Enterprise app helps global sales team to work less, sell more, and collect the data they've always wanted.



Save time, sell more

A Bay Area company in the digital advertising industry was looking for a more effective way to present products to prospective customers during face-to-face meetings. So we created a solution which would not only save sales reps time, but would provide an interactive way of showcasing sales-supportive material. With 37 offices globally, the opportunity was most certainly measurable.



We had worked with the Company before; we understood how they did business, and how they used technology. With creative freedom, they asked for a proposal to help them with sales. The Company had over 100 sales reps, each spending up to 6 hours per week organizing sales materials for presentations with big brands such as Disney & BMW. The Company was to succeed on 3 fronts:

1) Help sales team focus on 'SELLING,' not on 'PREPARING,' by involving the marketing and technology depots.
2) Aggregate product- data (i.e. product showcase) and performance-data (ex. product showcase stats) into a visual sales tool.
3) Capture sales presentation analytics for the purpose of continuously improving sales presentation performance.


one consistent message

The Sales Kit serves as the face of the company. Sales reps use the Sales Kit to present to new clients, by creating a 'new session,' showing sales material, and recording customer insights. It was important that the Sales Kit worked in both Online and Offline modes; we all know the struggle of connecting to WIFI in an unfamiliar boardroom. It was also important that the Sales Kit integrated to the Company's back-end systems (CRM & CMS), meaning they would not have to manage its content separately.

backed by data

Analytics are gathered automatically for each session, to optimize the sales pitch based on sales data, segmented by industry & customer-type. In other words, the more data, the better the pitch.


Immediate and measurable ROI,
tied directly to sales.

Sales Kit increased the sales teams' close-rate from 5/10 leads to 9/10 leads... and often on the first meeting. One prospect was so impressed that they humorously suggested they were "signing on" purely for the impressiveness of the product. Sales Kit was initially a test for a single sales division; Following its successful launch, the solution was rolled out through the rest of the Company.


Hour Saved / Week / Sales Rep


Increase in Sales Conversions


Offices Globally, With Measurable Impact


  • "From start to finish, the team worked very hard and efficiently. The end result was a product that was exactly how I imagined it, if not better."

    vp sales
    Bay Area Company


Data is extremely important in all industries. This case study shows the benefits of bringing data to the sales team, wrapped in a brand-worthy interface.

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