With protocols to follow, and lives at stake, we're providing the fastest, most reliable patient care.


Real-Time, Verifiable Patient Care

The Paramedic Association of Manitoba was looking for a consistent way to verify patient protocols and deliver real-time information to paramedics for pre-hospital patient care.

Despite an evolving scope-of-practice, medics continue to rely on out-dated tools such as ring-bound binders and basic memory when performing under pressure. In an industry where seconds matter, we knew we must do better.


"Mobile Health Service"

Our industry has evolved from reactive healthcare to a mobile health service, where it only made sense to have a mobile app. This solution could very well determine a patient's life or death, their outcome, and their safety within our care.

Cameron Ritzer - Board Member & Paramedic Manager


focus on
the user-experience

We focused on understanding the paramedic-process, which began by interviewing paramedics and studying standard operating procedures. Our core challenge was turning static patient protocols initially designed for 8.5x11 inch paper, to fit a screen only 3 inches wide.

Existing apps for paramedic protocols act as 'glorified e-readers,' uploading PDF's. We knew we could design a better user-experience, meaning greater speed for paramedics.



card-based design

Based on our expertise in mobile strategy, we created a complex algorithm to organize patient protocols into easy-to-view 'cards,' which can be clicked on or swiped through. Each protocol is linked within the app, so no more flipping pages to navigate between care-maps. 

one app, two options

For paramedics who prefer the traditional display of protocols, tilting the smartphone from portrait-view to landscape-view brings up the more traditional format; a win-win for everyone.


We made international news at WWW.EMSWORLD.COM


in the palms of their hands

Over 1,600 paramedics now have access to the first-of-its-kind app across Canada. The Paramedic Association of Manitoba and the Paramedic Association of Canada are working with us to improve the app's features and to validate the need for similar products elsewhere. Future phases will publish hospital wait-times to the app to improve paramedic decision-making, and send patient care information collected from the app back to the hospital to improve patient flow and ultimately patient care.


Combined Decision-Points


Words of Notes


Regional Hospitals withing 1,000 KM Radius


  • "The intuitive design & speed of use are what makes this app so valuable to paramedics, and ultimately to the public."

    Eric glass
    Administrative Director at PAM
  • "Consultica helped us to create a solution that's better than what we thought was possible."

    Cameron Ritzer
    Board Member & Paramedic Manager


Standardization leads to quality. This case study provides a clear example of the value of moving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from ring-bound binders into well-designed apps, allowing teams to work better, faster & safer.

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